The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) stands at the forefront of global cancer genomics and data analysis institutes, both in research and local infrastructures.

UNDERSTANDING AND TARGETING RESISTANCE in Glioblastoma (UNITE Glioblastoma) is a Collaborative Research Center (SFB1389) aiming at deciphering and targeting mechanisms of resistance in glioblastoma, a usually fatal brain tumor in children and adults. UNITE Glioblastoma is triggered by the strong vision that glioblastoma is treatable. To tackle this challenge, the research strategy is driven by innovation, strong collaboration and a focus on clinical implementation.

UNITE brings together physician-scientists and scientists from Heidelberg University Hospital, University Hospital Mannheim, DKFZ and Hochschule Mannheim.

The UNITE core work package “Data integration, bioinformatics analysis, and data exploration for precision neurooncology” is looking for an enthusiastic and motivated bioinformatician to develop methods and workflows to analyze (multi)omics data and support researchers with data analysis. In addition, we are developing a data integration and visualization platform to integrate multiple forms of data (omics, clinical, imaging, … ). The successful candidate will support our development team with domain knowledge and method development.


Job description:

  • Analysis and interpretation of (multi)omics data in collaboration with other scientists; a particular focus will be on single-cell and spatial analyses
  • Method and workflow development for omics data analysis, integration and visualization
  • Participation in the development of our data integration and visualization platform
  • Supporting other scientists with their method development and workflow optimization
  • Active participation in hypothesis development and paper writing
  • Provide training in the relevant fields of bioinformatics and data analysis to researchers in the consortium


  • PhD in computer science, mathematics, physics, bioinformatics, computational biology or similar background with focus on bioinformatics or data science
  • Alternatively, a MSc or equivalent qualification with complementary years of relevant experience
  • Hands-on experience with workflow development and genomics / omics data analysis using open source software and algorithms
  • Experience with workflow languages like Nextflow, Snakemake, WDL, CWL is beneficial
  • Proficiency with UNIX-based systems and good programming skills in languages such as Python or R is a prerequisite
  • Expertise in software development and cloud computing is beneficial

The ideal candidate should have demonstrated the ability to work independently and creatively. He / she is highly motivated, organized, and enjoys it to handle multiple projects in parallel. The candidate should have excellent communications skills in English and be able to articulate clearly the technical needs, set clear goals and work within an interdisciplinary setting. He / she is passionate about getting clinically relevant knowledge out of large-scale datasets and is enjoying collaborative interdisciplinary work.

The position can in principle be part-time.

Earliest Possible Start Date: 01.01.2024

Contact: Buchhalter, Ivo