Software Engineer for the Development of a Skin Cancer Recognition Medical Product in full- or part-time

The Junior Research Group "Digital Biomarkers for Oncology" (headed by Dr. Titus Brinker) specifically has outstanding experience in interpretable, AI-enhanced skin cancer classification. The group published the first outperformance of dermatologists via AI and also the first fully dermatologist-interpretable AI among more than 50 peer-reviewed publications in this specific field which include a broad range of subtopics including novel approaches to overcome technical limitations.

We are seeking to bring these promising technologies from our lab directly to patients, and have achieved a significant milestone by acquiring funding for a collaborative industry project. This project will involve the development of a software (=medical device) in collaboration with an established industry partner. In this connection, we are seeking a skilled software engineer to serve as the technical lead for four motivated computer scientists. Together we will work on the development of an AI-based software for skin cancer screenings together with industry and clinical collaborators. The main coding language within the team is Python.


Job description:

The ultimate goal of this project is to integrate the developed software into the dermatoscopes, which are the magnifying glasses routinely used by doctors (mostly dermatologists) during skin cancer screenings. This integration will make the software readily available to medical professionals and patients, thereby enhancing accessibility and efficiency in skin cancer diagnostics.

Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in Europe and poses a significant health risk, with malignant melanoma causing the highest number of skin cancer-attributable deaths. In Germany alone, around 10 million patients undergo skin cancer screenings annually. Therefore, the potential impact of our AI-based augmentation on a national and international scale is truly substantial.



  • Bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, informatics or related fields
  • Experience in the development of software and/or software products
  • Self-motivated and independent work ethic
  • Very good knowledge of English, German language skills are not required (The official language within our team is English.)
  • A deep motivation to have a positive impact on early cancer diagnostics
  • Ideally: experience with software testing, including unit and integration testing
  • Ideally: experience with Unified Modeling Language

The position can in principle be part-time.

Earliest Possible Start Date: as soon as possible

Contact: Brinker, Titus