DevOps Engineer / Cloud Specialist

The German Cancer Research Center is seeking for the recently launched infrastructure initiative German Human Genome-Phenome Archive (GHGA) a DevOps engineer / cloud specialist.

GHGA is part of the national program for research data infrastructures (NFDI). GHGA will act as a national node within the federated European Genome-Phenome Archive. This infrastructure will support genomics data hubs with software tools for secure data/metadata storage, interactive data portals with data visualization, and streamlined data deposition and acquisition solutions. The GHGA main office, which is coordinated by Prof. Oliver Stegle, is located at DKFZ in close coordination with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). 

In order to develop the GHGA software platform into a state-of-the-art infrastructure for the secure exchange of genome data, we are looking for a DevOps engineer / cloud specialist to join the team as soon as possible.


Job description:

We are looking for a team member with substantial experience and/or interest in developing, deploying, and maintaining the cloud platforms for GHGA infrastructure. The successful candidate will be part of an interdisciplinary research, development, and data management team to develop and apply a diverse range of state-of-the-art technologies. 

Your responsibilities: 

  • Build a state-of-the-art infrastructure for deployment of services across multiple data centers 
  • Design and implement scalable solutions based on modern cloud frameworks and technologies such as Kubernetes, Service & Event Meshes 
  • Build hybrid cloud solutions that span multiple private or public cloud providers and include edge computing scenarios 
  • Implementing system security measures and performing penetration testing 
  • Supporting developers in an agile setting to productionalize their software and make it ready for continuous deployment
  • Supporting system administrators of participating academic institutions in migrating from classical HPC environments (Slurm, LSF) to cloud-based settings 

Your possibilities: 

    • Expand your technical skills through curiosity-driven projects in an academic setting that values innovation and supports exploration of new ideas and technologies
    • Get exposed to a plethora of fields ranging from AI-guided clinical decision making to modern web development
    • Work with an interdisciplinary team of experts bringing state-of-the-art biomedical research closer to clinics and patients 
    • Take part in international organizations such as the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH), the European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA) and ELIXIR shaping future of genomics across borders 
    • Widen your expertise with extensive possibilities of training programs, seminars and conferences 



    • Bachelor's or master’s degree in computer science or similar technical background 
    • Extensive experience in building and deploying Docker containers 
    • Familiarity with infrastructure as code frameworks such as Ansible or TerraForm 
    • Experience in describing container relations as code using e.g. Helm Charts or Docker Compose 
    • Experience with CI/CD pipelines such as GitHub Actions 
    • Experience and/or strong interest in working with Kubernetes clusters 
    • First hand experience with private OpenStack-based clouds, public providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCS, familiarity with GitOps services like Argo CD, Flux CD, or Jenkins X is a plus 
    • Enjoy working in an interdisciplinary team and talking to software developers, system administrators, as well as domain experts
    • Enjoy working with modern technologies and staying up to date with new tech trends 

    The ideal applicant should have demonstrated the ability to work independently and creatively. The candidate should have excellent communications skills in English and be able to articulate clearly the technical needs, set clear goals and work within an interdisciplinary setting, communicating with other partners.

    Earliest Possible Start Date: as soon as possible

    Contact: Eufinger, Jan